Our Fees

With our fees you wont be hit with a huge Surprise when it comes time to pay our Account, in 99% of cases our fees will remain as noted below.

Our Fees cover a Standard Conveyancing Transaction which includes the following

 1.            Disbursements associated with the conveyancing work (title searches, rate and planning certificates).

 2.            Receiving initial instructions and post signing of Contract advice.

 3.            Standard office costs (telephone calls, postage, faxes, photocopying, etc).

 4.            All Usual Conveyancing Work required to bring the matter through to settlement.

 5.            Providing copies of the Contract and Transfer documents to your lender.

 6.            Assisting your lender regarding the preparation of mortgage documents.

 7.            Arranging settlement with your lender and instructing them regarding final cheque details.

 8.            Arranging the final settlement with your bank and the Vendors representative.

 9.            Advising the Council and Water authorities regarding the change in ownership and forwarding the Notice of Acquisition.

10.          Post settlement follow up on matters associated with the conveyancing work

11.      Docusign – Signing of the Required Documents for you Conveyancing Matter










Vendors – Contracts & Section 32


Spouse Transfers

Deceased Estate Transfers

Auction Contracts

Plan of Subdivision

$275.00 Required Upfront – Remaining Balance to Be Paid at Settlement

Full Payment Required at Settlement

Full Payment required at Registration of Transfer

Full Payment required at Registration of Transfer

$450.00 Required upfront _ Remaining balance to be paid at settlement.

Full balance required at lodgment

Our Standard Conveyancing Transaction Fees do not includes the following

 1.            Non Standard Files (Such as”Old Law Title” & “Stratum Title” properties).

 2.            Other Document Preparation (As advised in each situation, eg: License Agreements)..

 3.            Additional Certificates as Required (Such as Owners Corporation Certificates $203.64, Special Water Meter readings $-at Cost).

 4.            Any extra Certificates as requested by your bank (eg: Insurance Certificates $ at Cost).

 5.            Settlement Attendances (PEXA Settlements $132.66 & Paper Settlements $275.00).

 6.            Any Courier Costs required due to Urgent Documents.

 7.            Purchasers Priority $165.00 or Purchasers Caveat $185.00. (Caveat is required when settlement is over 60 days after signing of the Contract of Sale)

 8.       Government Verification of Identity Requirements – Conducted via Aust. Post Outlets $49.00 or via Self Service on your smart phone via TriVOI invitation $40.00.

       9.        Early Deposit Release via Section 27 document $66.00

NOTE:  PEXA and Verification of Identity fees are usually the only third party fees that apply to each file.  Call us to discuss.